Quality and creativity is what separates Tick Tock from the crowd, and that’s what they demanded from their video content.  Their escape rooms use sound, technology, and special effects to bring the games to life in an immersive experience you won’t soon forget.

The promo piece was shot with three groups over the course of two days in all three of Tick Tock’s escape rooms:  Beasley’s Billions, Pyramid Paradox, and Central Intelligence.  There was a lot of quality content captured, and it was great fun getting the reactions to all of the surprises the escape rooms hold.  The challenging part was editing the best pieces of footage together to recreate the excitement without giving away too many clues.

This was the pillar video piece used on social media and the Tick Tock Escape website.  In addition, a total of 9 20-second video Facebook ads were created to drive traffic to the website.

A happy side effect of using such great equipment to capture the footage, a number of promotional stills were sourced from the edited video, and one of the stills graced a full-size billboard in downtown Kansas City.

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