We are Social React.

Based in the greater Kansas City area, with offices in Lees Summit MO and Blue Springs MO, Social React is a multi-media creative agency specializing in identifying, understanding and reaching the people you want to engage with, through the channels they use and in the way that they want to be communicated with.

Being an innovative and technology-savvy organization, we strive to help our clients reach their full market potential.

Our mission is not to change your brand.  It's to amplify it through video.

Who we are.

Having been entrepreneurs and creatives for nearly 20 years we have assisted various businesses from startups to big brands, and have realized that we need to constantly evolve, continually pushing the boundaries of technology.

Through our own companies as well as the ones we have assisted, our marketing efforts are responsible for over $250M in sales over dozens of different industries.

Mandy (1)


Brantley Ping

founder | creative director



Video Production

Social React specializes in producing epic video content. We take Kansas City video production to the next level!

Web Design

We build sites that are beautiful, effective, and unique to your brand, with a solid foundation built on proven SEO principles.


We don't just provide you with excellent content - we give you the strategy to execute at the highest level.

Branding / Logo

Whether you've been in business for 5 days or 50 years, we will capture the essence of your vision and craft a winning brand.

Professional Audio

Your story is important, so make sure people can hear it. Not too loud. Not too soft. We make it just right.

Motion Graphics

If you can dream it, we can create it. The only limit is your imagination. We are the dreamers of the dreams.


You have a lot to say, but where do you find the right words? Look no further than the copy masters at Social React.


Beautiful design is the key ingredient to any successful print, ad or website. We keep your branding on point.


How we work.

1 Too many agencies try to tell you what you need before they ever ask what you want. Our first objective is simple. We want to understand your company, your culture, and most importantly we want to understand your pain.

Our foundational step is to learn everything we can about who you are and what you need, so that we can assess if we are the best solution for you.

2 Our next step is truly the most important one. We begin the process of architecting the perfect strategy and solution to your problem or need. This is an in-depth solution based strategy that we believe will work!

Here is the best part... If you decide that we aren't the right solution for your digital department needs you can keep this as a roadmap for your team to attempt to execute.

3 Have you ever wished that you had an entire digital department that you could leverage for your businesses success? Well Congratulations!! That is exactly how we operate. Not as lone rangers, but rather as your personal marketing team!

A plan without execution is worthless. We take our personally created framework and deliver, typically with more than promised and ahead of schedule.

Our core values.

passionate | meaningful | strategic | honest

We are passionate about our craft - we give 110% on every project
we are committed to sharing your message in a way that's meaningful
we play to win - and develop strategies to ensure your success
relationships built on trust and honesty 


About our process.

Direct Communication

01Investigate. As part of the on-ramping process our team will spend enough time investigating your needs that we 100% understand what you are trying to accomplish. This will come in the form of questionnaires and interviews from one of our consultants. 

02Cooperate. It's not enough to ask the questions. You have to truly listen to the answers. Not just during the on-ramping phase but through the entire relationship lifecycle. We will be an extension of you not a rogue gunman that leaves a mess for you to pick up down the road. 

03Articulate. At Social React we commit to being totally transparent and painfully honest. Our mission is to give you the greatest results! For us to do that you have to be willing to treat us the exact same way. Honesty, even if it hurts, is better than a good feeling lie.

04Communicate. Chat with us as much as needed. We want you to feel totally comfortable letting us know what you like and what you think could be more effective! At the end of the day you know your industry better than we do. We simply want to help you communicate your message.   We only work with people we like! So hit us up anytime.

Weekly Check-Ins

01What's working. Every single week you will get a synopsis of the previous week. We share what we are doing with your seo, paid marketing, and social impact management that is having great success.  

02What's not. We will also show you what is not preforming well. All the while giving you an opportunity to give us feedback on industry specifics that could influence our combined success. 

03What we are changing.  We will deliver to you what we like to call our hold them or fold them strategy for the following test cycle. Sharing with you our strategic plan to course correct. 

04When will you see results. Nobody has a crystal ball but we do have years of experience to guide our timeline judgement calls. We will give you our estimation to results so you don't have to wonder where your budget is going without knowing why and how it plays into the future. 

Ongoing Discovery

01Learn. We are a curious bunch by nature. So you don't have to worry about us sitting around while you wonder what is happening. We will actively be communicating with you to ensure that we understand where you want to go and why.

02Lead. Once we feel you set the baton in our hand we will confidently race ahead torwards the goals you have set for us. All the while watching and waiting in case you decide to throw us an audible.