Boost Your SEO with Video Marketing

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.

Studies show that the first page of search results receives 75% of web traffic. You need to be on that first page to be visible to new customers. But how do you increase your ranking?

Google uses a complex algorithm of at least 200 ranking factors to categorize everything on the internet. Some of these ranking factors are out of your control, like the age of your domain.  Other factors are under your control, like the quality of your content.  In fact, Google names content as the number one thing to focus on when creating a Google-friendly site.  So it’s super important to populate your site with high-quality content.

Videos can make that happen. With a public that’s going mobile and craving visual content, creating quality videos could be your ticket to the first page of Google.

Your Audience Wants Video Content

In 2016, Search Engine Land reported that over 60% of all internet searches come from mobile devices. That number has continued to increase. Google and other search engines are aware of this and have adjusted their algorithms accordingly.

What this means is that search results are now favoring content that’s easily consumable on mobile devices. Do you know what outperforms all other forms of content on mobile?


If you want to rank in the search results, your content must be easily digestible on a mobile platform and fit the needs of a mobile user. If someone’s sitting at a desktop computer, they are generally more willing to read long-form articles or watch a long video. On mobile? Information needs to be quick, concise and to the point.

Videos are a perfect solution.

Videos Provide Value

Shared content is king. What that means is that content that Google ranks higher is the content that engages people. You must develop content that ads value to people’s lives! If it ads value, then people will link to it.

What does it mean to add value? Content must either be informative enough, funny enough, or useful enough for people to want to link to it on their own websites. Videos are a huge help. Studies have found that videos earn 157% more organic traffic in search engines and more social media engagement than regular text.

Videos Improve Metrics

SEO metrics are improved mightily when you incorporate videos on your pages. Google uses statistics like the average time someone is on your webpage, the number of pages they viewed, and pages they clicked on to determine how they should rank your website. Video content can help you increase these stats.

Web users have a short attention span. They are more likely to watch shorter videos, but even a short video can help your website’s metrics by doubling the page time. The key is to focus on quality – and Social React knows how to create engaging videos.

Ready to Begin?

It’s clear that video content boosts your SEO. A successful marketing strategy will take things even further. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level. Social React is the top creative marketing agency in the Kansas City area. We have offices in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs. Drop us a line and we’ll let you know how we can boost your marketing efforts and help your company perform at the highest level.