Client Spotlight – Three Trails Community

Three Trails Community is a thriving church plant in South Kansas City with a mission to make disciples in their community.

When the time came to begin raising financial support for the launch of Three Trails Community, Pastor Blake Fortner understood how important video marketing was. 64% of consumers make a purchase or pursue a service after watching branded video content. It would stand to reason, then, that a church launch video would be an excellent way to create buzz and encourage people to be generous with their finances.

Blake relied on the expertise of Social React to create a compelling video that told the story of Three Trails and inspired others to contribute through prayer, acts of service, and generosity through financial giving.

Since the successful launch of Three Trails Community, the video continues to be used to attract new members, and to spread the word about Three Trails.

Three Trails Community has recently partnered with Social React again, this time as a creative marketing agency to manage their creative video content, graphic design, website design and management, and social media marketing strategies.  There’s also talk of a discipleship app in the near future… we’ll keep you posted.

We’re excited to partner with Three Trails Community as they continue to make disciples in their community.  Be on the lookout for a new website and social media presence beginning later this year. And if you’re in the South KC area this summer, you’re likely to see some of these epic Three Trails t-shirts running around as they serve their community through a variety of outreach events.

Want to see how Social React can help your church make disciples in your community? You don’t need to have a megachurch budget to have megachurch quality. For less than the cost of an inexperienced communications director, you can have a seasoned creative arts team right at your fingertips.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a conversation today.

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